Safeguarding ‘granny skills’ for the next generation

Today we came across a fantastic project that we wanted to share with you, called Dirty Girl Kitchen. Dirty Girl Kitchen was started by Rebecca Sullivan to ensure that skills, talents and recipes from previous generations would not be forgotten and instead are continued to be passed on to young people around Melbourne.

This great paragraph comes straight from their website:
Dirty Girl Kitchen aims to bring those communities of women from our multi-cultural Australia together and share worshipful skills (in which Rebecca has called ‘granny skills’). You know, all the ones that involve getting ‘dirty’.

From growing food to making soap, brewing stock to weaving a basket we are preserving the skills most precious to us. Our grannies are from all sorts of places (our own included) such as the country, the city and refugee communities. We are planting kitchen gardens, making jam, curing meat and pickling every cucumber insight!

We are instant fans of Dirty Girl Kitchen, their ideals and ideas, including this delicious recipe for Lavender and Rose lemonade!

You can check out more about Dirty Girl Kitchen (and a few more excellent recipes) here:

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2 Responses to Safeguarding ‘granny skills’ for the next generation

  1. You guys are so sweet, thank you so much!

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