Gateway by David Sequeira

So we’re looking at public art on this blog, starting with some around Dandenong. If you’ve ever driven down the main street, Lonsdale, you will have seen this work:

This is ‘Gateway’ by David Sequeira in collaboration with Electrolight, BKK Architects and TCL Landscape Architects,Urban Renewal Authority URA (formerly VicUrban) and Council, and last week we recieved some very exciting news about it.

‘Gateway’ has received a Commendation in this year’s Victorian IES Lighting Design Awards.

The IES Lighting Design awards recognise the best in architectural lighting design in Victoria.

The judges commented “Attention to detail, and a desire for beauty have delivered the objective to ‘revitalise central Dandenong’. The designers have created a legacy for the residents to take ownership in and helped restore civic pride”.

‘Gateway’ represents an excellent model for artists working on architectural design teams to achieve innovative infrastructure projects. Council in partnership with URA engaged David Sequeira through a rigorous selection process.

David describes ‘Gateway’ as follows; ‘Londsdale Street functioned as an important carriage way between Melbourne and Eastern Victoria. In the previous two centuries this precinct marked the entrance to or departure from the satellite town of Dandenong. The work acknowledges this ‘gateway’ function and history of the precinct with a colonnaded rainbow/ spectrum which is both celebratory and ceremonial.
.. Newcomers to the area are surprised and excited by its opportunities while those who have lived there for some time are well aware of its resources and benefits. Given this revitalisation proposal the precinct’s future can be likened to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.’

Congratulations David, and all involved, for this well deserved commendation!

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2 Responses to Gateway by David Sequeira

  1. David Sequeira says:

    Thank you for your acknowledgement. It was extremely fulfilling to be part of the team. I trust that ‘Gateway’ is enjoyed by the people of Dandenong and beyond.

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